Wednesday, April 04, 2007

At the Edge Reviews

You can find several reviews of AT THE EDGE reviews at

They're all positive, thank goodness. And several five-stars. The very first reviews in are always scary, and you wait for the very first one. I've never understood the "baited breath" phrase,but I'm sure that it would apply to this scary time.

You've worked so hard on your baby, sometimes having to rediaper and clean up before you can send him out to play with the other kids.

I'm having a lot of promotions for AT THE EDGE, and you can find those at my website. The red shoulder bag filled with my backlist and promotions, is going to be listed in several contests. So I hope you'll enter those too.

AT THE EDGE in June is the first of my psychic triplets trilogy and I'll have an excerpt up soon. We are doing a cover and title for book 2 now, which is Tempest's story. I am writing Leona's now.

I also had a PR photo taken last week, for use in my new books. It was exhausting, though the photographer and assistants were great. Under the spotlight, is not my environment. Most writers are reclusive.

Right now, the birds are chirping signaling sunrise and I had better get back to work on Leona's story.

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Anonymous said...

Can't wait for your new book. The series sounds good.

Stacy S