Sunday, March 25, 2007

PR Photo Biz

It's time for one of those. The dreaded PR photo.

I'm trying a new photographer and this time including a makeup and hair person at the take. To do this, it was necessary to meet and consult with both. Very interesting times.

I loaded up a full big bag of makeup, anything and everything that might be used, and since I'm a makeup junkie, that was quite the bag. I met the makeup and hair woman, who informed me that I have good skin and good hair. (If I had to use perms, color, and curling irons, I don't know what I'd do. I have enough wave, that if cut right, my hair has some body.

We spread this makeup on her counter, going over the different pieces and colors, including some new primer, which she loved. It does seem to be good, and different looks that I wanted--one for business, speaking, etc., and one for casual.

Then on to the photographer, also a very interesting person. But then, I find most people very interesting. We discussed looks, the same as above, and colors. I don't see myself in brown at all, but that's what she suggested. I wonder if brown isn't just a popular color now, but it does nothing for me.

They both received a book, one of mine, and their choices were interesting. Since both seem very animated and "fast" people, while I am uncomfortable with the intrusion of a camera, and am very methodical, it should be an interesting shoot.

To be continued later....

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