Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Keeping Simple

The bones of my new website look are up, very plain and I'm hoping easy to navigate. But it's going to take a lot of tweaking and building from this point on.

The amount of time that authors spend on promotion is huge. You can write the perfect story, but if the publisher (and yourself) is not out there selling it via media means and appearances, sales can suffer.

What does this cost the author? Writing time. Balancing time and keeping to a writing regimen is one of the most difficult tasks a writer undertakes.

But the offset is that it is very rewarding to hear from readers and to interact with them. This is the writer's fuel. The reward is in seeing that book hit the shelves, the flurry that goes with the pub date.

With an upcoming pub date of June for At the Edge, I'm working on schedules and have yet to begin my 3rd book of a series, also due in June. Right now, I have three books in production, at various stages, and setting up promotion, and learning new website software.

January and February are really active months, and I'm in the mode right now!

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