Friday, December 15, 2006

The Pressure of Contract Writing

You'll find an interesting post at which concerns the pressure of producing more and better writing under contracts, as opposed to writing more for an income, that is to write better and more, and the advantages of taking a paycheck job, formerly called "day-job" (my term, not hers :))

If you get a chance skip on over to Alison, who is a super blogger. She's got a new look, but she's always good.

Here's what I posted in her comment section:

Alison, love the new look, first of all.

Then, your post was right on. I've been writing full time for 16 years, but wrote for 2 publishers with a full time paycheck job for around 7 yrs. That was rough, but I did have security and insurance. I've since gone full-time and cut down to one publisher, but then my family demands aren't the same as then either.

A paycheck job (I consider writing a full-time contract job) does give security and that can relax and lighten the pressure on creative writing.

I haven't hit a slow down of ideas, but I know that some writers have, under a lot of contract pressure. It isn't only the contract pressure, it has to do with the obligations that come from the necessity of PR, which are big necessities, and less and less are being done by the publishers.

Really thoughtful post. Thank you, Alison.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting post. Do you think the "business" of writing ie publicity and promos take too much time away from the writer?

Mo Boylan