Monday, December 11, 2006

Holidays and Deadlines

Mix holidays and deadlines and what do you get? One tired writer :)

I'm topping off my current WIP, that is doing the final printout, and considering my list of story resolves for the epilogue. List? Ha! It's yellow and hot pink sticky notes plastered all around my monitor, a yellow legal tablet filled with notes, a file of backup material to send in with the ms, stacks of index cards with unique spellings and character names to bring forward to the next, third and final story. This second story follows the first, AT THE EDGE, scheduled for June 2007. We have a tentative title that everyone likes, but I'll wait to deliver that news.

Keeping the threads of one story, connected to one already in production isn't easy. I have a folder, printouts of important stuff, calendars--oh, yes, I print out a calendar and mark the timelines as I go. This WIP moves fast, the story happening within less than two weeks, but based on untangling the past. So far, and I'm at the epilogue, I'm in love with the story, but it is a lot of threads to keep going when having connecting books. The Tallchiefs had 9, and I've done 5, 4, and 2 connected books, but this project is a real stretch and I'm thrilled about it, a story that has simmered for a long time.

Mm. What to do when coming off deadline? Christmas :)

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