Friday, October 06, 2006

Western Romances

Within the space of one day, I've been asked by two pro authors for a copy of my out of print, western romances.

I'm currently writing a contemporary romantic suspense trilogy, but I did love reading and writing western romances. Pop fads are already faded, and the return of the western may be looming near. I hear this so much from readers, too, who love them, but also my contemporary western miniseries done for Silhouette Desire some years ago. Readers write me consistently about when I'm writing more. They remember the Tallchiefs, the Blaylocks, Freedom Valley and more.

There are also more requests for the Langtrys, written as contemporaries for Avon, which bring history forward, a Civil War veteran saves/marries chieftain's daughter, starts a dynasty that is written in the contemporary West.

But hey, I've got enough on my scheduled plate right now and working hard.:)

Dell did a wonderful gilt cover and replica insert by Elaine Durillo on The Wedding Gamble

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