Wednesday, October 18, 2006


I'm thoroughly enjoying UGLY BETTY. How refreshing!

With the emphasis on beauty is a professional necessity in some industries, UGLY BETTY just may be the predecessor of like entertainment. This show is far apart from the makeover shows surrounding it. UGLY BETTY places emphasis on the personality and intelligence of the individual, her family and business friendships, stressing her base supportive and honorable qualities. Selma Hayek has done a wonderful job in producing this fresh show. Keep up the good work, Selma.

DANCING WITH THE STARS is gathering top ratings. I happen to love dancing of all kinds, perhaps favoring more the Latin American. For years I've watched ballroom dancing competition on television, which is great. Dancing is good exercise and I'm glad to see a return to more structured movements. Robert Duval reportedly has a tango studio set up in his barn and is an excellent tango dancer. But as for the individuals that have been on the show, I'm perhaps enjoying Emmitt Smith the most. This professional football player/businessman has come so far and seems to be enjoying himself the most. Last night he was at his best, but his partner -- a professional -- is also very good and has worked well with him. I love watching the professional dancers and the stars expressions, not only while they are dancing but when they are being judged and interviewed.

I hope both new trends developed into other shows. I am thoroughly tired of reality shows.

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