Monday, September 12, 2016

Inner or Outer Organized

Everyone has their own organization set-up. Some people are really highly organized, very neat desks/files, etc. Some of us aren't that neat, and I call us "Inner Organized". Remember that as a Save when confronted by one of those really neat people. Repeated it: Inner Organized. I am Inner Organized. Translation: Cluttered Desk

Today, after pushing on The Bride's Basket edit, I'm busy with the business part of writing. That is: contacting beta readers, washing a stack of laundry, walking again--more editing. Sometimes I stop walking and just keep writing and that's not smart at all. But Mondays are my usual business day and that is today.

<--Usual walking sight.

Here's my usual schedule:

  • Make a list the night before of Musts/Priorities (I like old fashioned index cards and check marks) That’s right on my desk for ASAP in the morning with my coffee.
  • Monday is my dedicated business/grocery/around town day. Friday a.m. is groceries, etc. The rest is usually up early writing, then walking/break at noon, some writing now in the summer heat in afternoons, dinner/walking. Around that timeframe, I’m probably moving around a bit with light housework. Maybe a movie with crocheting because by then, my brain is dead. Then email/blogging/Facebook-Twitter, etc. Then make that index card list.
  • A lap desk is truly handy and I will lay out things beside my favorite chair to work on that lap desk.
  • I use some software to organize: Notes for Mac allows me to keep my Remember This Bits. Copy and Paste Tweets/Facebook, Links, Online Refs.
  • I keep 2 smaller binder notebooks; hug them, tab them, love them: 1. Creative: professional/story notes/conference-flying info/formatting, etc. It has ongoing tasks, i.e. Get new business cards. 2. Info on house/repair guys/when I replaced this or that/retirement$, etc.
Today, it's about Notebook Number One.
  • NOTE: My creative notebook #1 is tabbed and filled with Post-Its on top of notes. I love this notebook. It has side pockets. A lot of writers use this method. Some keep it all on their tablet, etc.
  • When a new story line drops into mind, but I’m deep into my WIP, I put a sentence or 2 into my electronic Toy Box. I also keep a list of potential titles, which sometimes spin off into real stories. A story is always waiting when you want it.
  • NOTE: Currently, I’m building a new website offline, between writing times. I had to drop my full scale website and have my name domain transferred to my blog to save time. This for a sick family member. Now that was a real-life priority. Shifting these name domains back and forth is something that needs to be shared. A web host can redirect your name domain.
But today, it's all about The Bride's Basket. I hope you've read the first two in the series.

Writers: It is really important to keep book/blog/website links at hand. See above. Copy/Paste. Also a graphic, maybe like this one done with CANVA.

And I also hope you've joined my free ENEWSLETTER because I'm about to show off The Bride's Basket's brand new cover and start promotion with giveaways.

Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Editing the Rough Draft

Behold! The edited rough draft--first pass--of THE BRIDE'S BASKET 11/2016.

As the third in my Basket Series is going through many processes, I'm stepping back to let the manuscript "cool off".

I've been on a hard run to finish this 3rd book and Life has stacked up, the usual stuff. Doing a lot of that as I write.

I'm not ready to reveal the cover for THE BRIDE'S BASKET, but it is gorgeous, a match to the previous 2. The following is in ebook/reader, but also in gorgeous living paper.



In a pinch timewise, as most authors are, to get promotion, etc. done by launch time, I'm contacting my usual beta readers and hoping for more, setting up blogging posts, etc. It's a furiously busy time, and then I'm back to editing, fine-tuning, etc.

I did finish a companion/bonus short story for one of the characters in The Basket Series, and that also needs editing, though not quite the major job as The Bride's Basket. Many life interruptus stuff happened along its writing. If you haven't checked out my Novel Interruptus articles here on my blog, please do. Lots of writer-directed articles that may one day go into several How-To books, as if there aren't enough of them. :)

Meanwhile, I'm catching up with life and then will incorporate my handediting into the rough draft, and then a landscape printout--the MOST HELPFUL THING--in 2 pages per sheet. I really see more in that format. This first rough draft is double spaced on a single page.

This Basket Series is a project I've longed to do and now 3 books are completed. I'm celebrating!

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Book Bloggers

After finishing my 3rd book in The Basket Series, THE BRIDE'S BASKET, plus almost finishing a bonus novella to go with it, I'm on a tremendous learning curve.

At this writing, I've downloaded any number of Social Media ebooks. Thunderstorms are frequent and if I'm not editing, writing, or reading, I'll watch lightning bolts/ground strikes, the weather people say.

Author's Guide to Working with Book Bloggers by Barb Drozowich is on my reading list. I opened the sample reading and loved her copyright notice.

I've been blogging since around 2006 and did my share of promoting, reviewing other author's books. (Not my primary purpose.:)) So watch for this one. I read somewhere else that if you're promoting your book, do it on a book blogger's tour. Drozowich's book will tell me all, I'm sure.

Promotion today is very different from yesteryear's formula Traditionally published book . SEOs, Search Engine Optimization still eludes me, but I'm learning. I'm more comfortable on Twitter's short format and Facebook is a learning experience in itself, ever evolving.

Writer chums are sharing tips. Stuff moves on and changes minute to minute, but Social Media is uberlly important. Did I tell you that is my university for almost everything?

I'm scheduling a hand edit of November's THE BRIDE'S BASKET. The cover is gorgeous. Not showing off right now, but a match to:


I estimate that a good half or over of a writer's time is spent on promotion and/or social media. If you are Indie, it could be more-- Unless you have a fabulous promo team at your disposal.

Some of the best advice I've gotten re: Social Media was: Pick one and work hard on it, then expand.

Mm. Donna Fasano's link-tip may be at the top. Do visit her blog? She's wonderful! So is Joanna Penn's podcasts at The Creative Penn

E-Mail lists are at the top of promotion recommendations and if you haven't subscribed to mine, CLICK HERE. I'm lining up beta readers, ARC stuff, giveaways, ad work, etc. Plus have a neat little novella giveaway going until 9/30, currently available nowhere else--Sam's Story.

I do like how the book bloggers post their notices on Twitter. Good PR. But right now, I'm printing out THE BRIDE'S BASKET for hand editing, and reading more about book bloggers--though I only intend to do mine. :)

Sunday, August 21, 2016



I've just typed The End to THE BRIDE'S BASKET, a Nov 2016 release.

To celebrate The End and other good stuff happening for me now, subscribers to my Enewsletter will receive SAM'S STORY, A Nice Guy Short Story.

Sam Knight is just a nice guy, a divorced remodeler and not looking for love. But on his way home one day, he sees this redhead....

 Jon Knight is next in the series, but right now, I'm celebrating the finish of THE BRIDE'S BASKET first draft. Very happy. The cover for THE BRIDE'S BASKET is waiting, in ebook and in gorgeous paper to join:


Please celebrate with me by subscribing to my Enewsletter? Download your free copy of SAM'S STORY, currently available nowhere else.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Maiden Mother Crone

I'm writing hard and pulling into the very last part of long project, The Basket Series.

The cover artist just sent me a gorgeous rough draft of THE BRIDE'S BASKET, November 2016 release. I'm really excited about this 3rd book in the trilogy. It is a super cover for the last book of my Basket Series basic trilogy.

This Rose picture symbolizes the basic premise  or Celtic theme I used: The Maiden, The Mother, The Crone. These are the different stages of a woman's life.

(These roses should probably be organized differently. But my rosebush did not cooperate.)

The Basket Series is a blend of Women's Fiction, romance and a dab of intuitive.

The Basket Maker's Wife 5-Star Reviews:
 "Wonderful story about the bonds shared by women, mother's love and friendship. A great example of the deep strength in every woman."

"This book kept me up all night! I love to read about women who defy the odds, we are survivors !"

The Egg Basket 5-Star Reviews:
"This has to be one of the most fabulous series I have ever read! I adore them . The was so much raw emotion placed in these books that I cried, laughed was mad and wanted to protect everyone also."

"I liked this book because the characters are so belonging to each other and help each other grow stronger. There is stress, but also magic."

 I am so pleased with the reception of this trilogy. It's an unusual project and something I've waited to do. The journey has been fulfilling, interesting, and a learning project.

 I am so loving these characters, and so attached to them. Soon I will have to undertake a new project  (and can't wait to start that either), but it will be difficult to separate myself from this #BasketSeries.

I've already started a series of short stories for the Basket Series peripheral characters.

Info Tidbit: I read a lot of epic sagas, ancient history, mythology etc. and am noted in college papers as a writer who uses these themes.

If you haven't tried either one of these first books, note that they are in e-book and in paper. Gorgeous paper, may I add. They are best read in order:

Well, back to finishing THE BRIDE'S BASKET!