Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Love Fall and Pumpkins

In the fall season, I love to get out and drive, snap some shots, and maybe visit some festivals.

When looking for pumpkins for homemade pies, I think the ugliest pumpkin--a pale brown--has the best thick orange meat. FWIW: I think pumpkins should be stored and eaten, not massacred. I'm OK with painting them, though. :)

Just now, the Ozarks are starting to turn into gorgeous fall color, which will flame across the hills. With a lot of nut trees, you can see wild turkeys along the road. They are not that pretty, but at least they are not the ugliest--turkey vultures.

The leaves in the center are sassafras. Not really sure what part of the tree is used for healing Ozark tea.

My neighbor's persimmon tree was loaded this year and the pits held the shape of a spoon. Translated: Bad Winter. Spoons equal shovels. Shovels for snow. Which is why I am ordering more wood for the fireplace insert.

During this time, I usually visit the Amish, pick up baking supplies, etc. and generally just enjoy life.

I hope you do, too. :)

Monday, October 06, 2014

The Reoganized DIY Writer:


 It's a New Publishing World: My background is “legacy” publishing, that is, the traditional big publishers and some of my books have been reverted to me. Others remain with the publishers. I’m slowly indie publishing my reverted books and new work, no easy process, and quite time-consuming, for a DIYer. It’s been a stiff learning curve. 
Info Note: THE LOVING SEASON was my first book as Cait London and the first of several MacLeans.

Repeat: It's a whole new publishing world. FORGET the tons of paper swag, the review clipping services, purchasing reams of paper for printing ARCs, big postage bills for mailouts, etc.

It's all about Networking. Groups can promote each other and are really important now. Aligned with other authors, promotion ripples around the individual. Boxed sets, anthologies, etc. spread promotion around. Getting in with a knowledgeable group means you carry your share. Slackers beware: It’s a tit for tat deal. 

Life Balance and Being comfortable: I’m watching my limitations of what I can do with time/energy/life situation, and everyone is different. I’m not in the fast promo lane, but I’m comfortable with what I’m doing now. I’m not over-extended, I have a life balance—not always easy for writers, and I’m comfortable with what I’m doing. That’s important to me, to be comfortable.

 You can just write and leave the sales work to services or publishers. There are real advantages to writing for publishers. NOTE: You still have to promote heavily. One friend devotes 2 days a week to promotion.

!!Before signing with a service or a publisher, take care with the DIVORCE clause in the contract. And that includes when rights are reversed.

But today, I'm busy. Here’s some of what I’m doing now:
  • Writing new work. New Work is essential and time/quiet/concentration is not easy. Disconnecting from social media is essential for me to write and keep in the story.
  • Redoing my first indie publishing efforts in 2011/covers/formatting. Many hire this done and I’ve bought covers and done them myself.
  •  I updated my computer, tablet, etc. for more social media apps. It’s all about social media. I’m basically a Twitterer (love TweetDeck app, etc.) as it is fast and I like the movement. Making the choice between all the social media is important, though promotion series can be hired.
  • Looked for eloops that would offer how-tos and support when asked. Finding the right fit isn’t that easy. I now belong to 3 and try to keep active in them.
  • Keeping lists. I keep tons of lists, i.e. promotion places, services, etc. A good note taking program is essential. Handy lists to copy/paste: links to books, reviews per book, awards, etc.
  • Checking my book list. This is a long list of titles, published dates, awards, placement in best seller lists. Does anyone remember Waldenbooks or B. Dalton?:)
  • Updating my promo bio. Choosey has an excellent article on this. That’s what I like about Twitter—exposure to info not in my usual realm.
  • Creating Twitter posts to cut and paste. Thank you, Donna Fazano. She has been a super mentor, beautiful person.
  • Lining up promotions. Never good at keeping a calendar, so this is a challenge for me. I'm busy with that today, and like other writers, trying to get ahead of the holidays.

The Holidays. Sigh. :)

Monday, September 15, 2014

New Cover Look

Lady on the Line: Amazon or Nook
Lady's Desire: Amazon or Nook

Lady on the Line was my very first book and first of the Casey 2-books. I dedicated it to my mother, Stella (a name I used for a mother in Season of Truth (romantic suspense). A Lady’s Desire is the second Casey.

This is a new cover look for my series books and I hope you like it. It’s basic, but does the deal, I hope. At the time, real models were photographed and painted per book, or that’s what I understood.

Back in the Day, the distributor here gave a program on his take for covers. Lady on the Line would have been labeled “Nursing Mother” by him. He had lots of those labels, including “Vampire”, for the hero kissing the heroine’s neck.

So Back in the Day, Lady on the Line was titled by Janet Dailey. My first agent sold it to Berkley Second Chance at Love line, and my first editor spent time teaching me writing points, i.e. plotting. Back then, editors did not have such encompassing/variety of duties and concentrated on stories/writers. So more time was spent developing a writer, whom they hoped would be faithful to the publisher.

I am everylastingly grateful to Joan Marlow Golan, my first editor, who the agent (Ray Peekner) labeled “a honey.” She took me through Lady on the Line, chapter by chapter, working through the how-tos, correcting the chapter, before moving on. At the time, she requested a 10-chapter outline, done in numbered paragraphs. Each paragraph needed 2 sentences: 1.) what’s happening in the story and 2.) what’s happening between the characters.

She spent a lot of time with me (note: grateful) on the first book, but little thereafter. I asked why (doubter that I am), and she said I had a lot of stories in me (which I do), and the publisher wanted them out of me. I am truly “full of it” for story ideas and I’ve used a variety of plotting methods since then, including enlarging each of those paragraphs.

Those early books were written for the time, the real macho males, which I softened that take in re-editing them for publication.

I hope you like the new cover look—it takes a few tries to get a good cover look. And I hope you like Lady on the Line, the story of a woman lineman.  

Lady on the Line: Amazon or Nook
Lady's Desire: Amazon or Nook

Thursday, August 07, 2014

Love on the Oregon Trail



"Cait Logan [London] beautifully blends the heart-tugging atmosphere of an Americana Western with a humorous, poignant love story sizzling with sexual tension on the Oregon Trail. NIGHT FIRE is a marvelous read."

I drove the Oregon Trail, researching along the way. There are parts that cannot be accessed, but what an experience!

As you're standing on the windswept hills, viewing one of the many cemeteries, you can just feel the hardships and determination. We visited each of the landmarks, which the emigrants had to reach by a specific time--or get caught in winter snows.

I like this cover better than the original. See Below:

I hope you check out my other BOOKS and western historical romances because I've been to all the locales and researched thoroughly. I loved driving the NW trails.

And get out and drive, if you can, visit the forts, the rendezvous spots, etc. It's a wonderful experience.

And#2 I would so appreciate reviews NIGHT FIRE, now published at Amazon and Nook. Thank you in advance!

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

That He-She Thing

Now on Sale 2.99

Romance and other Writers: Let's study that He-She Thing:

In general romance, writers need to reach beyond and dig deeper than their own life experience. Here are some of my tips to consider:

We’re as different as our birth signs. John Gray’s study of Venus and Mars books are excellent studies for the general romance man/woman basic relationships.

Historical romance writers have an easier time of creating the male protagonist/hero—this because in historical times males had a designated role, just as females did. Yet he had to be appealing enough for the Heroine. Now with Equal Opportunity, etc., sex harrassment, etc., romance needs to temper the hero’s power over the heroine just that tad more. (We know that the heroine has her own power, right? :))

Excellent Story Twists: Expectations of relationship and romance can conflict, and do. For instance: A hasty marriage and shift in a heartbeat, because H/H expectations are different. Who does what in the partnership? Who pays the bills? Stay at home mom or career mom? Household management, etc. Whose Friends antagonize, etc.? Who does not look at the opposite sex too much? So when push comes to shove, and expectations are not met, are they reasonable or not, when considered by the opposite partner? Thus, a story twist.

The Pendragon Virus, one of my early contemporaries, is an example of man/woman expectations and therefore, the interesting battle of the sexes.

Physical Action and Body Posturing: This is an area that is critical to the creative writer, not just words, but Actions and Posturing. A flirtatious gesture by a woman, a second look by a man—much slower, more intense—a man showing off his strength, angling his head, sticking his thumb in his waistband, both hands slid into trouser pockets, tensing of his shoulders, neck cords, etc.

That flirtatious gesture by a woman: a look over her shoulder, maybe a little more sway to her walk, arranging her hair, etc. are typical.

Dressing the H/H: Tighter clothes to show off assets, looser clothing for movement or shielding self, updated or outdated clothing. Jewelry or not, expensive etc. And shoes. Is she checking herself in the mirror to see if she appeals to him? His favorite color of dress? Is he sprucing up for her? It’s all part of the mating ritual, seen in wildlife. Dressing also includes preferences, i.e. Sam in The Pendragon Virus loves his classic oil-dripping Bertha.

Back to Expectations: If one H expects certain behavior from h/her prospective mate and those expectations are not met, that’s a twist.

Romantic Touch: How each H/H touches the other: a stroke, a gentle brush of a fingertip, examining the other’s face, the various shades of hair, the tiny crinkles at the side of the eyes, examining a tiny scar and its history, the texture of skin, the comparative size of their hands when held. Any kind of nervous/excited tremor when touching, a desperate need touch/grip need to be contrasted with gentler moments.

Lots of little nuances in the He-She Thing. When they are missing, the texture of the story/romance is off.

I hope you’ll comment/input on this post?